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Relax and unwind with five or six self-care essentials designed to help you
discover more of what makes you happy

Let us spoil you

We see you—all of you. You're the woman working hard at her day job and then coming home at night to love on her children, which doesn't leave much time for pampering. Or maybe you're the woman studying long hours to get her degree and don't have regular vacations or spa days. Or maybe, just maybe, you're the woman who simply recognizes that what she gives to the world, she should also give back to herself.
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A box of surprises

When I heard about the Bloom Beautifully box, I was very intrigued and excited— an entire package of goodies just for me and they were all devoted towards self-care! I am so grateful to be a subscriber and I look forward to receiving more boxes!"


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Perhaps the best part of your subscription is your invitation to join "The Suite," our private Facebook group with supportive self-care threads, giveaways and challenges taking place monthly. As one of the members recently posted, "Since joining this group, I have taken self-care so much more seriously. Like, I'm actively looking for what I can do for myself everyday.  I'm more gentle with myself physically and mentally."

That is what we do --- offer you support and encouragement to get back to you. It's a judgement-free zone full of women just like you.
Grab your box and join us today.

Our Previous Boxes


Our July box featured items that will help you get FREE from negative energy (plus chocolate!). It featured a 9-inch AFFIRMATION MIRROR DECAL (reading "I Am Enough") from Lighthouse Decals, a 44-card AFFIRMATION DECK from The 7 Directions, 1 QUOTE CANDLE from Prosperity Candle (whose proceeds benefit refugee women recently resettled in the U.S.), an AFFIRMATIVE AROMATHERAPY BODY OIL from Reciprocitee and 2 varieties (chocolate chip and salted caramel!) of BROWNIE BRITTLE.


Our September box is "spa day" themed and ready to get you right from head to toe. This box includes: a 10 oz jar of ORGANIC LEMON SCRUB from Bomb That Bath, a 25 oz FRUIT INFUSION WATER BOTTLE, one packet of REJUVENATING ROSE HIBISCUS BATH TEA from Bar Soap Brooklyn, 2 LAVENDER PINK GRAPEFRUIT SHOWER BOMBS from Nourish Bath & Body, SILK COCOA BUTTER from Carmella Marie one tin of tangerine ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER LIP BALM from Wild Violetta and a one ME-TIME DOOR HANGER, for those days when you just need a minute!


The theme of our November box is GOOD MORNING, which means it's all about giving you a boost of energy to get through the day. LAVENDER CHAI OR LEMON TEA TREE ARTISAN SOAP BAR by Zandra Beauty; BEST DAY EVER 12 OZ COFFEE MUG by Best Day Ever 21; CAFE LATTE COFFEE CANDY by Fusion Gourmet; COCOA BUTTER MASSAGE BAR by The Good Stuff Naturals; PEPPERMINT MOCHA HAND CREAM by Strange Charm Design and INSPIRATIONAL ART PRINT by BLOOM BEAUTIFULLY.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bloom Beautifully Box?

Every 8 weeks, the Bloom Beautifully box will hit your doorstep, full of self-care goodies in the following categories: beauty, health/wellness and personal development. (Think The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes and luxurious bath bombs, tucked next to some specialty tea and a face mask you've been dying to try. That type of thing.)

You're a bimonthly box, right? When will my box ship?

Subscribers who sign up by the initial order deadline will receive their boxes in the first shipment. Those who subscribe in the month following the order deadline will receive their box in the second shipment, as quantities last. (For example, if you buy your box between February 1 and February 28, you will receive a box on March 15. If you order between March 1 and March 28. you will receive a box on April 15.)

Can I use multiple promo codes on my order?
Only one promo can be applied to an account per user. Offers cannot be combined or stacked.

What will be in my box? Can you tell me ahead of time?

We like to think of each Bloom Beautifully box as a gift, handpicked especially for you, so the contents of each box are a bit of a surprise. But we know some of us don't like surprises (especially when we're spending money!) so we send out teaser emails and social media posts online revealing 1-2 items in advance.

How does billing work?

Make your first purchase of the box and wait for it to arrive. About 10 days after you receive your box, you will be rebilled for the upcoming box. We stagger it to give you enough time to try the items and decide if you'd like your subscription to continue. If you'd like to cancel, simply log in and and click "Cancel Subscription" or "Skip a Shipment." We'd hate to see you go, but if you must, there's an easy way to do it.

Can I sign up for just one box?

We get it. You want to see if you'll like it. We don't blame you! That's why we work through month-to-month pricing. No need to pay in advance. Get a box, love what's inside and pay for the next month's box when it's time.

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

If you'd like to purchase a box as a gift for a friend, simply put that friend's shipping information in your order and write a note to your friend in the message box on the subscription page.
We'll take it from there.

Treat Yourself. We Got You.

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